Privacy Policy

‘We’, ‘our’ and ‘us’ in this policy refers to Huddersfield Community First (HDC First).


Personal Data

We collect personal data including names, postal addresses, email and mobile contacts. This data may be collected when you support us, volunteer for us, attend an event or register for any of our services.

Where you give your data to us through a third party (a ‘data controller’), we will process your data in line with their privacy policies and the consent you provided to them.

Where you provide us with this information directly, we are acting as the data controller. We will record your data, so we are able to either provide you with support or work with you in the future. We will never contact you for direct marketing purposes without your consent to receive this correspondence. There are some reasons we might be required by law to process your data, for instance, report any suspected fraud. Any analysis of data required by statute does not require your consent.

In limited circumstances, we will share this information with third parties, who will process this data on our behalf, under our direction. This will only be done with your consent and where we are satisfied that the other party is compliant with GDPR and all other data regulations.

Sensitive personal data is defined by GDPR and includes the physical or mental health or condition, sexual life, racial or ethnic origin, political opinion, religious or similar beliefs, trade union membership and the commission or alleged commission by the data subject of any offence, or any proceedings for any offence that are ongoing. We do not collect this data about our supporters.

If you are working with us as a volunteer, attend an event or register for our services, we may collect details of your physical and mental health, your race or ethnic origin, your sexuality and your religion. This will be collected with your consent. What data we collect and why will be explained to you in your consent form. This data is not shared with anyone else. It may be anonymised (so it is no longer related to you as an individual) and analysed to see how we are doing at reaching different groups. This anonymised data might be shared with our funders, supporters or other evaluators.


Your Rights

Under the data protection law, you have the right to:

  • Request a copy of the information we hold about you.
  • Update or amend the information we hold about you if it is wrong.
  • Change your communication preferences at any time.
  • Ask us to remove your personal information from our records: in these circumstances, we would retain your name on a ‘suppression list’ of individuals with whom we will not make any future contact.
  • Object to the processing of your information for marketing purposes.
  • Raise a concern or complaint about the way in which your information is being held or used by us.

We will respond to any such requests within a month, and where possible, sooner.

If you wish to do any of the above or find out more information, you can contact us via email on: