At Huddersfield Community First we offer services in the following four areas:


We offer numerous educational and professional development courses and programmes throughout the year for adults and young people.

  • Youth leadership programme.
  • Adult educational courses.
  • Professional development courses.
  • One-day specialist training.
  • D&I training for businesses and organisations.
  • Visits and bespoke assemblies for schools.


We believe in unity and having respect for one another despite our differences. To help bridge communities we organise:

  • Interfaith gatherings
  • Community events
  • Annual Taste Ramadan event


Over the years homelessness and poverty has increased and has affected the community dramatically. To support the disadvantaged we provide food packs and hot meals. Currently we are providing:

  • Weekly hot meals.


The future holds promises and dreams for the youth that can be achieved through hard work, dedication, planning and education. Therefore, we are proud to have strong youth dedicated events and programmes to help young people learn essential life skills. We organise:

  • Day trips and visits.
  • Sports classes.
  • Various tournaments.
  • Annual summer camp.

For the latest events and activities, please check our events page.